Hi! Welcome to my home studio. Here you will find unique, natural, and warm wall decorations.
In 2018, while looking for a large wall tapestry for our new home, where was a big echo, I keep interested in a fabric natural dyeing that would absorb sounds. That's how I fall in love with the dyeing process.
The entire creation process takes place in my home studio. Starting from designing, making sketches. Then choosing the right pieces of wood, grinding, and conservation with oil-wax. Next, cutting and fixing wool, and ending with the dip-dyeing process.
That's wonderful how the wool strings can be styled differently every day and they move gently as if they wanted to create harmony with the heartbeat of the house and its inhabitants. It become to be my passion and earn for living in one.


Katarzyna Biesiadecka
Kat | Home Studio